Mother's before they left

Back in October, I posted about Mother’s Cookies going away after the company closed it’s doors. There was much sadness [and much purchasing of the remaining stock of Circus Animal Cookies] and I feared it would be the last time I would ever taste those frosted little treats.

Is That You, Mother’s?

Then in March, while at the grocery store, I saw something that got me excited…
Nabsico's version
*sniff… sniff* can it be? or is it an impostor?

I had to buy them, wondering if Nabsico was going to revive an old favorite. Taking them home, ripping open the bag and shoving several cookies in my mouth, I began to chew…

*** BLECH ***

WTF, Nabisco?? Trying to pull a fast one on us Mother’s lovers. Fuckers. I quickly expelled any remaining cookies I was chewing. [I’ll spare you the photo of the train wreck] The bag is now sitting the cupboard, still very full of bland and tasteless cookies. Once again, I thought my beloved Circus Animal cookies were gone forever, until two days ago….

The Real Deal

I was having an extra shitty day, thanks in large part to many bad things going on in a short period of time. My wife sent me to the store to pick up a few things. Turning the corner towards the checkstands, I looked over and saw something very familiar….
Mother's are back
Oh my precious cookies, how I’ve missed you…

OMG… there they were. In all of their pink and white colored glory. Thanks to the Kellogg’s Corporation and Keebler [who is owned by Kellogg’s], they purchased the rights to the original recipes of all the Mother’s brands and brought them back on Mother’s Day [sly marketing people] to the delight of Mother’s Lovers everywhere.

Opening the bag as fast as I can, I immediately crammed placed several cookies into my mouth for consumption.


They are exactly as I remember them. So good. No more rationing or placing the remaining stash into locked and hidden areas.

So if you are a fan, rejoice and go spend all of your remaining cash to purchase your favorite type of Mother’s Cookies. And to help you out, they’ve even provided a 55-cent off coupon to help get you started back into the savory goodness known as Mother’s.

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