Mouse hunting in the field behind our house

It’s been more than a month or so since my last Tabby update.

In the many months since we got Tabby, she’s been quite the adventurous cat. One of her many adventures is to go to the canal behind our home and explore.

Tabby spots a mouse….

The thing she is exploring for the most? Mice. She’s caught at least a dozen of them and brought them back to the house for us. As you can see above, it’s like a field – which is a haven for mice.

… and it has been caught – poor mouse

We always praise her for her catches, but then we distract her and take the mouse – usually it’s very wounded or dead by the time she’s done playing with them – and toss them back over into the canal area.

It’s a challenge to keep her out of the house with the mouse. Several have found their way into the house and it’s an even bigger challenge to catch it once it’s loose and get it back outside.

Another Tabby update again soon.