Welcome to another edition of Scooter Sunday

First Milestone

I normally like to note certain milestones when one of my vehicles reaches a certain mileage state. It was this last Friday when I reached the first 1,000 miles on my scooter.

my first 1,000 miles

My goal is to only fill the gas tank in my car once a month. Which means I should put on another 1,000 miles this summer, weather permitting. Of course, if we can have more days like today, then I predict my goal will be met.

Lego Indiana Jones game pre-order
free shirt with pre-order

As a fan of the Lego video games, I decided I wanted the new Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. Just to make sure I got a copy, I rode my scooter over to the EB Games around the corner from my house and placed my $5 reserve for the game, which came with the cool shirt you see above. The game comes out this Tuesday.

I wanted the DS game, but everything I read about the DS version, sounded like the game was not the same, missing unlocked characters and modes. I didn’t want to feel like I wasn’t getting the complete game. I felt safe getting the PSP version.


Summer is approaching. And you know what that means? Well, besides the warm weather that I love and enjoy….. yes, that’s right…. MOJITOS!

Last summer, I tried a mojito for the first time. It was very, very good. I was instantly hooked. Now I wanted to try making them at home, where I can perfect this wonderful summer beverage. One of the first ingredients called for fresh mint leaves. And what do you know… we have a mint plant growing in our backyard. It’s previous use was a sleeping place for the cats. It made them smell nice, but I think I can live with smelly cats in exchange for fresh mint leaves for my mojitos.

the main item in a mojito

I picked some fresh leaves, made some simple syrup and waited for the end of the day, when we had too much heat and needed to cool down.


Ahhhhhh! Tastes so good. Oh summer, how I’ve missed you. At least I know you are close and will be a regular once these wind and rain storms stop interrupting your pending three-month stay.

There you have it. Another Scooter Sunday has ended. But it will return next week for another fun-filled day of adventures.