News – Story 1: 50 Year Legal Struggle still has a Mississippi school district supporting segregation
News – Story 2: RNC was a wild ride with lots of Trumping going on; my thoughts on the whole GOP party and how fractured it has become
News – Story 3: Florida man fined $48k for jamming cellphone while driving

  • RANT: Legal Marijuana shops are targets of violent robberies
  • – due to state and federal banking rules, they are forced to be cash only businesses, even though in states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon, personal use and possession of pot is legal; legislation that would allow for credit card and EBT payments was blocked by the GOP; seems illogical to block something like this when alcohol is a legal substance that can be purchased with credit cards; I get that there are federal restrictions when it comes a controlled substance that’s still very much illegal under federal law, but there needs to be some type of exemption for the states that sell pot legally; I guess I should look at how prohibition laws took a good many decades to get off the books in many states; there are many dry counties still that prohibit alcohol, so expecting us to move forward with the pot industry could take many more years; let’s stop being backwards and find some protection for the pot sellers; it’s the capitalist thing to do.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Just got back from Moab, Utah with my daughter
  • – spent the extended weekend at the two national parks – Canyonlands and Arches; my daughter hadn’t been before so it was nice to experience that with her; the first day was exploring Canyonlands and their hiking trails, seeing various parts of how the acres of land got created over the course of hundreds and thousands of years; the first thing we did the next day was Delicate Arch at Arches, which was very close to the hotel we were staying at; we walked all over the place and took many photos; I gladly paid the $25 to get into each park, which gave us 5 days of access; the bummer was we didn’t stay long enough to get that use out of the parks; if you’ve not been I recommend it; I had visited some years before, so it was nice to revisit some of the incredible works of rocks, formations and protected land.

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