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  • – This is the episode you’ve been patiently waitng for; still playing catch up on current news stories.
  • – We are almost done with March; official start to spring was last week, which is closer to summer, my favorite season.
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  • News – Story 1: The Anti-Vaccine Crowd
  • – Aside from Jenny McCarthy being a target – never take healthcare advice from a Playboy Playmate – the real dangers of not vaccinating your kids is very prevalent today; who knew that once we found a way to pretty much eradicate measles back in the 80’s, it would show back up today as a defiant and fearful act that we need to address in 2015; turns out fears of vaccines causing autism are pretty much debunked by any sound group of doctors; this is science people; and there’s been years of proven research that autistic children do not get born that way due to vaccines; we can’t dispute the overall history of time that you should be vaccinating your kids; news from Disneyland last year was appalling; people are so selfish; throw in peanut allergies and parents freak out when another child brings nuts to school; yet almost the same type or parents think it’s infringing when they have to vaccinate their kids; use common sense people and stop believing the hype from freaks like Jenny McCarthy; vaccinate.
    – Link to article: Newsweek: Anti-Vaccine Movement

  • News – Story 2: Comcast insults customer, changes bill to read “Super Bitch”
  • – a sign a company is too big; A customer that had ongoing issues had Comcast techs out over 30 times to her home, where they finally resolved the issues; then she noticed no bills were being sent to her; she called, wanting to know what was going on; sometime later, she receives a bill with her name showing as “Super Bitch”; This entire time, she is frustrated, but remains professional, never resorting to swearing or berating the Comcast agents; Comcast says they are reaching out to this customer, after the embarrassing new nickname their agents have given her; this is just unacceptable; Comcast is at the point where they just don’t care anymore; they are using their large size and clout and think they can do no wrong; and thinking their merger with Time Warner is going to go through, which I hope it doesn’t; they don’t have much competition today and if they get any bigger, they will have less, owning most of the market; it’s rare I have any issues with Comcast, but I can tell you that given another option – Google Fiber – I’ll be jumping ship as soon as I can.
    – Link to article: Comcast insults another customer, changes woman’s name to Super Bitch

  • News – Story 3: GOP senator suggests restaurants opt out of hand washing for employees
  • – Sen. Thom Tillis from North Carolina is suggestion this madness; let restaurants opt out of “forcing” employees to wash their hands after using the bathroom, as long as they disclose it in ads, as a sign on the door; what in the ever living fuck do these idiots think this will bring? businesses would shut down from people not wanting to be served by people that just wiped themselves or dangled their wee-wee to shake off the last few drops; all under the guise of “too many regulations”; what a tool; this is about public health, not being forced; don’t want some dude making my sandwich if he’s not washed his hands after peeing; even if he wears gloves; what’s next, suggesting they don’t have to wear gloves?; I want my food prep employees to be as free of any naughty bits stuff that gets leftover; and his “the market will take care of that”; oh yes it will; no one will want to visit anywhere that doesn’t have strict policies and regulations on clean hands after the potty.
    – Link to article: GOP senator: Let restaurants ‘opt out’ of handwashing

  • RANT: What happened to the 1 lb. bag of M&M’s?
  • – For years now, what used to be a 1 lb. bag of M&M’s that you could find in just about any grocery store, has dwindled down to 11.4 oz.; the cost for this smaller bag is the same or more than what the 1 lb. bag used to cost; get less candy, pay more; yes, this it is all a part of what’s happened with packages food products for years, like Oreos, crackers and yes, candy; but the 1 lb. bag of M&M’s was pretty cool; you knew you were getting a pound of candy for about $2.50; it was a great deal; you could buy two bags for $5, take them home, open one and pour it into the candy dish; when that was gone, you would find the other bag and refill the candy dish; Sales of M&M’s still are through the roof, with so many special types now, and for various holidays like Valentine’s. Easter and Christmas; sure, you can get 1 lb. bags if you order online with personalized messages on each candy piece; or visit an M&M’s store and buy a pound from the mix it yourself bins; but walk into a grocery store or Target and you won’t find a 1 lb. bag anymore.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Finally a job change after almost 12 years
  • – now 5 weeks into the new job and it’s very refreshing to have moved on; so my last job I was a Network Admin but relegated to tasks like desktop support, mostly due to the fact that the company wasn’t willing to hire a separate employee for those tasks, even though in the past we had several; they were all let go and I inherited the responsibilities; which cut into my Network Admin tasks and projects; I had looked to move on several times over the course of the last 4 years, not finding anything; I also admit to being comfortable where I was at, even though it was stressful and draining on an emotional level; so once I hit a tipping point, I decided to get more serious and increase my efforts to leave; finally found a good fit, which has many new challenges and learning opportunities; this systems admin position has me working in a mixed Linux/Windows environment, managing the backend with firewall rebuilding project being my first; I’ve resolved myself to make this work, although I think I stayed at the same place too long last time; we shall see how this new venture works out, for the long or short term.

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