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  • – The Grammys were weeks ago, still no snow; still playing catchup.
  • – I know you are tired of hearing that; current podcast episodes soon.
  • News – Story 1: Sam Smith song “Stay With Me” gives songwriting credit to Tom Petty
  • – Sam Smith won some Grammys for this song; this was not intentional on Sam Smith or his songwriters; it was pure coincidence; it was all settled back in October and there was not animosity; a very civil decision; Jeff Lynne of ELO fame also gets a 12.5% songwriting credit, along with the royalties; the amount of royalties collected by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne were not disclosed; I admit to hearing the song and also thinking it sounded like a hit song I had heard before; once it was announced as “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty, then the two choruses were immediately familiar; of course, now I hear the Tom Petty song in my head each time I hear the Sam Smith song; maybe Tom Petty could share in the Grammy glory.
    – Link to article: Tom Petty awarded songwriting royalties for Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”

  • News – Story 2: shuts it’s doors
  • – The Unofficial Apple Weblog got the ax by AOL some weeks ago and the site closed down on Feb 2nd; well, the site is still up, but there’s now posts being posted; this blog has been around for more than 10 years and was a great source of Apple news and content, tips, tricks and all sorts of great advice on using Apple products and services; it was a blog I read several times a week as it’s focus on Apple products both old and new was pretty cool; great articles and subjects; when I had a jailbroken iPhone, it was a great resource for sites that covered the gotcha’s of skirting around the official operating functions; but all is not sad as most of the writers moved to a new home called AppleWorld Today; so change your bookmarks and shed tear or two for a site that served us Apple users well for a decade.
    – Link to article: AOL is shutting down its Apple blog TUAW

  • News – Story 3: Mitt Romney decides not to run for President a 3rd time
  • – Thank goodness; yes, some of you are fans and love the Romney and condolences are in order here, but I’m telling you that this was a smart decision on his part for the party; granted, there are all sorts of other candidates in the GOP clown car for 2016; a mixed bag, if you will; It certainly wasn’t a money issue as Mitt’s quite loaded when it comes to throwing money around for his last two runs for President; but this does leave the door open for Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Scott Walker, all of whom make me wish Mitt Romney would have run again; guess we shall see who takes the top spot for the GOP in a little more than a year.
    – Link to article: Mitt Romney decides against running for president again in 2016

  • RANT: Cops run plates of every vehicle they get behind
  • – yes, the next time a cop pulls up behind you, you have a bit more to be nervous about; they run your plates, any plates of anyone they pull up behind; who are they looking for? people with outstanding warrants, of which I knew this as I had one some years back when I realized I hadn’t fully paid a ticket I got some years before that; unpaid parking tickets, uninsured motorists, drivers license revoked; yes, there are many reasons they do this, some of which I can see as valid, but for the most part, you are guilty until proven innocent; it makes me nervous as I always feel like it’s their word against mine; I don’t purposely break the law, but this action does have an overstepping and overreaching action to it; not sure how nationwide this is, but here in Utah, it’s a mandate for every cop.
    outlook app

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Microsoft Outlook for iOS is a solid app
  • – fellow reader Kapgar blogged about this app a couple weeks ago; mobile email is a nice thing to have, but some built in mail apps can be pretty basic; this is where a 3rd party app comes in handy; Microsoft has made it’s appearance in the mobile arena of lately and they purchased an app called Acompli, which was an Outlook clone app as it was well done and was a top rated app; swipe is the new action in most apps, which I like; Outlook gives you options to change what a right swipe and left swipe do; the integration of mail, calendar and attachment management, supporting not just OneDrive, but Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, is a nice feature for storing and using file attachments in your emails; there is also a Focused Inbox, which limits the number of emails you see if you get a ton of email; support for iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and IMAP and POP3 accounts is great; if you use Exchange or any other email account, this is an app that is quite feature filled; and there’s an Android version for you non-iPhone users out there.
    – Link to article: A deeper look at Outlook for iOS and Android

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