I’m sure most of you have noticed, with the exception of Scooter Sunday videos, my blog has been pretty quiet lately.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I’ve got lots to write about. But I’ve just not made the time or had enough motivation to write a new post. Hey, at least I’m being honest.

I’ll admit that some of it is summer related, although I can’t really blame the lack of writing on my enjoyment in the sun. Up until the last few days, we’ve hardly had any sun. Mostly rain. And lots of it. No one wants to read constant blog posts filled with complaints about how much rain there is.

So what gives? What can you tell us, Mr. Mankins? Give us the scoop.

The Future of Banal Leakage

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been contemplating making some changes out here. More than just a template update or a formatting change. And before you ask, NO, I am not shutting this place down or quit blogging. I plan to keep Banal Leakage up for as long as I have something to say. After all, the main reason I started this blog was to have a place that allowed me to write more.

But I really want to change some things about how I blog here and what I blog about. So here’s a list of the various changes I want to make.

  • Scooter Sundays
  • This is obviously one of the parts of my blog that I enjoy doing. Sometimes there’s delays [like this week], but it’s mostly related to trying to film the various parts of each episode and putting it together to make something that not only provides entertainment to my readers, but also to me once I watch the final edits.

    So while I’m working towards regularly posting each episode on a Sunday, there’s also lots of behind-the-scenes details that will provide a cleaner look, easier navigation and better video viewing options. Stay tuned.

  • Regular Posts
  • I’ve been doing the two-posts-a-week for sometime now and sometimes only one post a week. Even for me, in my laziest of modes, it’s not enough. I need to post more and more often. And not just needing to, but wanting to. There’s a lot of topics and subjects that I think about, but then don’t share them on my blog. I want that to change.

  • More Details About Me
  • Which leads me into my next change. I plan to share more about me. Not too deep and there’s still some subjects that are off-limits for a public blog. But there’s a lot that happens to me or things I experience that I feel like sharing. I read other’s blogs and enjoy their posts that reveal more. Peeling back a layer or two that gives insight to not only the writer, but also letting the readers give their perspective.

    Don’t get me wrong… I like to entertain my readers with posts about music, movies and food. But there’s more that I’d like to write about and share with all 40 of you the collective readership here.

Other Projects

I’m also working on a myriad of other personal projects that are taking much longer than I expected. I think at times that I am spreading myself thin, but at the same time, I get another idea and think about it for a while before adding it to the mixing bowl. Of course, not all of my ideas come to fruition. Most are notes that I carry around with me on my phone. They are ideas for stories, web sites, domain names, blog posts, articles, data backup systems, exercising I need to do, places I want to travel to, drinks I’d like to make, etc… etc… etc.

Out of these hundreds of notes, there’s only been a select few that have been or are getting made into something public. A short story, a novel, a blog [you are reading it now], some short films, scooter and snowy videos and a screenplay. Then there’s those couple of “if I could complete these soon” projects that I really am putting time into, but they seem to be more involved than I imagined. Progress is moving forward, even if it is in small steps.


So have I confused you more than I helped clear things up? Let’s summarize the above:

  • I will be posting more than two posts a week and they will be more personal and revealing.
  • Scooter Sunday is here to stay, but I am working on some improvements, one of which will be revealed soon.
  • I have more things to do then I have time to do them in, but I still would like to complete some of them in the near future.

All clear now? Nope? Well, then ask away in the comments. I await your perplexing questions.