mini wheats raspberry
A new flavor of Frosted Mini-Wheats – Raspberry

NOTE: this is not a sponsored post, just a fan of Frosted Mini-Wheats trying out a new flavor.

I love Frosted Mini-Wheats and always have, even before they went mini. But I rarely go outside my norm for this kind of breakfast cereal. For those times, I leave it up to my blogging friends over at Cereal Wednesday, who reviewed the Blueberry version of this cereal. But since then, Kellogg’s has come out with other flavors and there was something about the raspberry flavor that intrigued me enough to go buy a box.

mini wheats raspberry
A full bowl of Mini-Wheats

I normally use a lot of milk in my cereals, and Mini-Wheats are no exception. I try not to let the cereal get mushy or soft, starting in on the bowl right after the milk gets added. Just about half of these little frosted wheat squares were crunchy, as I let the bottom half sit in the milk while consuming the top half. Still, the crunch of the frosting was very much like the regular Frosted Mini-Wheats.

mini wheats raspberry
The raspberry filling inside

As I bit into each square, the raspberry flavor wasn’t too sweet. It was the right amount of injected gooey goodness. While I still prefer the regular, I might give these raspberry Frosted Mini-Wheats another try – if they stay around in stores.