Episode 030

– What Happens In Vegas :

  • – this is an all Las Vegas edition of the podcast this week; I spent the extended weekend for a family event, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun in the sun and enjoy some adult beverages.
  • – been going to Vegas for years now, mostly trade shows; the older I get, it gets harder to recover after many nights of enjoying the town; I managed it quite well this trip.
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  • News – Story 1: Pools close at 8pm
  • – We stayed at the LVH, formerly the Las Vega Hilton, now owned by Westgate; pool hours are from 8am to 8pm; 8pm? why not later? it’s still a good 85 degrees out at 9pm; when asked, we were told that due to lighting issues, they had to close the pools before it got dark; we saw lots of lights all over the place; the same was true at the Nirvana Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel; closed at 8pm for lighting and safety reasons; you would think that nighttime swimming would be a big thing and maybe other hotels keep their pool open later.

  • News – Story 2: The Virgin River Gorge and cell phone coverage
  • – if you drive to Vegas from north, like we did from Utah, you have to pass through the Virgin River Gorge, which is an 18 mile section of Intersate 15 that runs through Arizona; its very pretty and it’s amazing how they carved and blasted 4 lanes of highway through the gorge; but cell phone coverage is non-existent; Verizon has some coverage, but T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T give the “No Service” banner for most of the 18 miles; if there’s an accident, traffic can be backed up for miles and if you need to make an emergency call, you are out of luck; hoping that someone else can make the call; maybe one day, they will add more cell tower support for the other carriers.
    – Link to article: Virgin River Gorge – I-15

  • News – Story 3: Always do max bet when playing the slots
  • – I’m not a huge gambler, but I do love to play slots and I like to see how long I can play on my money; which means I don’t normally do max bet; favorite machines are penny slots where you can play 9 lines; i almost always bet x2, meaning each pull of the wheels is 18 cents; these machines are getting harder to find; sometimes play 20 lines, but then I only bet x1; was playing this Wheel of Fortune machine and hit a winner which paid me $100; if I would have done max bet, it would have been $1k; even if I would have bet x3, that would have been $300; but then i think about “what if I bet more” logic; everyone likes to win, but if I would have been playing max bet, that would have been $2 each pull; my money would have been gone before I hit on the big win; focused on playing longer, but sometimes it’s a risk to bet more to win more, which allows you to play longer.

  • RANT: Prices of hotel rooms are never consistent
  • – I’ve never agreed with the hotel per night pricing variations; weekends are cheaper than weeknights in party towns like Vegas; what is $50 a night on a Tuesday is $200 a night on a Saturday for the same exact room; I get that you pay more for a bigger room; but it just doesn’t seem right to charge 4 times the amount for the same room, just due to the demand; it’s making more money on the same room just because you have more people wanting it on a particular night; I’d like to see a hotel chain charge the same rate for each night for each room; smaller rooms would be $60 a night; larger rooms would be $120 a night. Sounds logical; just not bringing in the amount of profit the current rate system uses.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Open containers allowed in Vegas
  • – one of my favorite things about Vegas is how liberal the liquor laws are; you can walk around with an open container of alcohol pretty much anywhere; of course, you can’t drink and drive; the idea of taking a drink from one casino to another or drinking one of those large margaritas in the tall pink plastic containers while walking The Strip; not too many places in the US that allow open containers; most places force you to stay in one place to drink; or once you leave or enter an establishment, you have to finish or dump out your drink; most people seem to treat the open container law in Vegas with respect and no over abuse it.

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