Journey Escape
One of my favorites, even to this day

I loved Journey and still do. A great band that had some great hits back in the day. I had a couple of their albums, but it was the “Escape” album that really hit it big.

Back in the summer of 1981, I had just graduated from high school. I also had barely turned 18 when I first heard this album. It instantly became a favorite album and I embraced it completely.

Around this time, I also started dating a girl – Carol who was 14 – that I had met at a church dance. Turns out she wasn’t Mormon, but had tagged along with a friend. My mom and I shared a single car [a 1972 Chevy Vega] so I ended up riding my bike a lot. I used to ride over 6 miles from my house to Carol’s house, hanging out with her during the day while her parents were at work. Then I would leave with just enough time to get to my job at the Fotomat.

The song I would play a lot was “Stone In Love”, which for me, making out with a great looking girl, so defined how I felt. I really thought I was in love.

When my mom found out that she was 4 years younger than I was, she flipped out. Then Carol’s parents flipped when they found out she was dating a Mormon kid [the Baptists hated the Mormons]. Oh man, those were some good times. I didn’t care what any parent thought.

But that didn’t matter to a couple of kids. Both my mom and her dad decided we needed to break up. It was tough, but I eventually moved on.

To this day, I still hear this song and think of a cute girl that knew how to make out and made me feel like a cool guy that was stone in love.

Here’s a funny video of the song with some clever people “remaking” the video

Were there any songs that you had that made you think of the person you were dating? Was it “your song together”?