James Murphy
James Murphy formally of LCD Soundsystem – Original photo found at NPR.org

Last April, I blogged about the final LCD Soundsystem concert and lamented at the end of a 10 year career for this band that I have grown to love.

So on Wednesday this last week, I went with my daughter to the screening of “Shut Up And Play The Hits” at the Tower Theater here in Salt Lake City. We missed the Sundance showing of the film [I was buying a car that night] so I made it a point to make sure we saw this screening.

48 Hours of James

This documentary is James Murphy’s “The Last Waltz” – which covers the 48 hours that surrounded the final show. A serious interview with Chuck Klosterman (complete with a tie wearing Mr. Murphy), the prep of the band getting ready for the show, the on stage naming of this documentary by Wil Butler of Arcade Fire, the dog that James carries around his apartment and the city… and of course, the concert footage showcasing the music and talents of the entire band.

The movie flowed very well both in story and in music and each one of the live concert moments was mixed very well into the structure of the movie. James opens up as much as feels like it and you can tell that it’s an emotional drain on him once the show is over and he’s going about his day the morning after the show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Wider Release

The movie was released and played in many cities on Wednesday July 18, 2012. As for future dates, this site has updated cities and dates for when it’s showing in theaters. I am hoping that this gets released on video (DVD, Blu-ray) with not just the documentary but also with the full unedited three hour live concert.

This band deserves every accolade they get as this is one of the best ways a band has called it a day. Sad and brilliant in the same breath.