fitbit one
I have replaced my Fitbit One that I lost in July

The Fitbit One has returned to my pocket. No, I didn’t find it when I lost it in Las Vegas this summer. I ended up purchasing a new one last week for Christmas.

I had lost it once before in the office at my day job, but found it after a few hours. I promise to be a better Fitbit One parent this time around.

While the Mobile Tracker part of my iPhone 5s is nice, it only tracks steps. Plus, the iPhone, while with me most places, often got left at my desk at work while I ran around attending to the busy shit that keeps me on my feet most of the day. So I was losing all of those uncounted and untracked steps. Which was very frustrating to me.

Small and Practical

fitbit one
Counting Steps

It feels good to have a Fitbit One again. I have missed it. Greatly.

Dual Fitbits

fitbit one
Got my wife a Fitbit One

When I mentioned to my wife over the last few months that I wanted to replace my Fitbit, she expressed interest. So I ended up getting her one, too. The burgundy color. Just to ensure we don’t grab each others’ Fitbits when leaving for work in the mornings. While I won’t be providing her details and steps taken and such, I will provide some feedback on how she likes it after a few months.

Assuming she’s better than I am when it comes to losing a Fitbit.