A new flavor…. Blueberry Lemonade

On my last visit to the Pacific Northwest, I stopped by the Fred Meyer to pick up some Mike’s Harder Lemonades. It’s 8% alcohol content and everyone that’s a regular reader here knows I love these higher-content alcoholic beverages.

So finding two new flavors, of course I had to try them. I expected the Blueberry Lemonade to be much sweeter, but it turned out to be very smooth. There was no after taste or oddness. It went down very well and it may become a regular purchase the next time I find myself in Oregon or Washington again.

And a new Limeade flavor, too

Now Limeade is one of my favorite flavors for non-soda like drinks. Cherry Limeades at the Sonic Drive-In are very good and most limeades I’ve had are always refreshing. Well, add some alcohol and you have a really great drink in this version. I really, really like this flavor. It’s shooting up to the number one position for all of the Mike’s Harder brand of canned malt beverages. Refreshing, tasty and a nice way to get the party started.

It really sucks they do not sell these in Utah. When’s that next road trip again?