Broken Bells
Original image found at Glide Magazine

Ok, kids… these are the first new tracks for 2014. Pretty cool stuff here. So take a listen below.

Broken Bells “After The Disco”

Love this band… LOVE THIS BAND!! Can’t say enough good of this duo. James Mercer of The Shins with Danger Mouse [producer Brian Burton], the other half of Gnarls Barkley, making great music together as they did back in 2010 on their debut album. The song, which comes from the album title, is such a great mix of all things AWESOME! Sorry, I can’t contain my excitement for new Broken Bells.

Foster The People “Coming Of Age”

This band went big in 2011 with their debut album “Torches” and now they are back with this new single. Foster The People was my favorite new band then, so let’s see if they can make it back into that top spot for 2014. This song is showing promise after a few listens.

Lily Allen “Air Balloon”

The Brit famous for her “Fuck You” anthem on her last album took a break from music, but last summer hinted she was returning. And this little pop ditty is not even as dirty, but just as enjoyable.