lego camping trailer
LEGO camping trailer

This last Christmas, there were a couple of surprise gifts for Ayla and I. Tonight, we finally got to build them.

lego motorhome
LEGO motorhome

The above two pics are the completed items. It took us a good hour to build these two camping LEGO sets.

lego camping parts
LEGO parts ready to be assembled

Getting all of the parts out of their plastic bags, we made sure we didn’t mix any of them since we wanted to go by the guide book to put them together.

lego camping parts
the start of a motorhome

The first set is of a car and trailer, which comes with two minifigs, a bike and hot dogs being cooked over the fire.

lego motorhome
coming together

The second set is of a motorhome, which comes with two minifigs, a bike, surfboard and a fish being cooked on a grill.

lego trailer build
this trailer is just the beginning

We had a lot of fun with the LEGO sets. Once they were together, we admired our LEGO creations. We plan to use them in a future camping adventure. Stay tuned this summer.