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UPDATE: Recorded: September 6, 2015
– This is an episode that when I first got off schedule with this podcast back in August 2015, I recorded it thinking I would have caught up and it would have been current. It was obviously an attempt that never got posted when it was supposed to have.

News – Story 1: Black Sabbath announces final tour without Bill Ward
News – Story 2: Tracy Morgan Continues to Improve, weds his long time fiancée
News – Story 3: Kim Davis, Rowan County clerk in Kentucky, defies SOCTUS ruling, continue to refuse to issue marriage licenses

  • RANT: Swimming pools close for the summer season
  • – summer is the shortest season here in Utah; we get warm weather starting in June and going into the first half of September; to beat the heat, I always like to find friends that have pools; it’s very enjoyable; but pool season is most of the summer, starting on Memorial Day and ending on Labor Day; it’s always bothered me that most community pools close up soon after Labor Day, most the day after; there’s still lots of decent warm days to enjoy a swim during September and even going into October; yes, the morning weather does get chilly, but the rest of the day gets warmer, leaving the afternoons and evenings to enjoy a cool off in the pool; makes me wish for a big house with it’s own pool (indoor would be nice for year round).

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Bill Gates using his billions to save lives
  • – The Microsoft founder has done many great things with his wealth; he and his wife Melinda have done wonders to reduce malaria and other world diseases both domestically and abroad; his push to promote vaccinations has been a major factor in keeping diseases and health conditions down, even with all of these anti-vaxxers out there; even if you don’t like Microsoft, you have to give a ton of respect to Bill and what he is doing after leaving Microsoft so many years ago; one of his projects is to turn poop into drinkable water; these processes, called Omni Processor, takes water and feces and turns it into something clean; it’s a way to reduce the diseases that are contracted due to fecal sludge; it sounds odd and gross, but it’s working and a viable solution for third world countries that don’t share our modern way of life here in the civilized world most of us live in; As the years go on, we see the fruits of what his money can do to help extend life.

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