The Final Frontier

I was first introduced to Iron Maiden’s music in 1982, when the song “Run To The Hills” started getting airtime on the local radio station [KMET 94.7 in Los Angeles]. In 1983, they released the album “Piece of Mind” which I played non stop for several days. It cemented my love of Iron Maiden and to this day, I still play and album or two a week.

Recently, they released a new album called “The Final Frontier”, which like most of the previous fourteen studio albums, proved that this band still had the metal sound I embraced years ago. Tracks like “El Dorado” “The Talisman” and “Mother Of Mercy” are full of time-tested riffs and rhythms that are familiar to these ears. Their last album “A Matter Of Life And Death” was 10 tracks deep and when it was released four years ago helped the band regain a status of being one of the biggest heavy metal bands around.

And while this new release may never replace “Powerslave”, “The Number of the Beast” and “Piece of Mind” as my favorites, it’s nice to know they are still going, still rocking and still hearing their fans shout “Up The Irons”