This blog post celebrates 1000 posts here. Pop the champagne corks!!

1000 Post Milestone

It’s taken 8 years and 4 months to reach this milestone. Of course, if I didn’t take these almost month-long breaks from blogging, I could have reached 1,000 posts a good 2 years ago. Or if I blogged every day here, I would have reached 1,000 posts back sometime around February 2011. That’s over 5 years ago.

While I’ve posted several times about my distractions and other issues in my life that take me away from blogging on a more regular basis, I still am happy to still be blogging and be celebrating 1,000 posts here. I also would like to thank the die-hard bloggers who still find the time to post on their sites and to read and comment here: Kapgar, Kevin Spencer, Dave2 and Kim Ilax.

I’m guessing I will celebrate 2,000 posts sometime in the next 6 years. Sooner if I can blog more often.