After a no-show for Music Monday last week, I am back this week with a Grammy recap. I didn’t watch the show, except for the final performance and award of the night. But it sounds like I missed a lot.

lady gaga egg
Who came first? Obviously it was the egg
Original photo found on Famecrawler

Lady Gaga showed up inside of an egg. Clever, odd, WTF and everything else in between. I’ll give her original for this since I don’t remember anyone else showing up inside an egg.

Maybe it was an evolutionary step after Bj√∂rk’s swan outfit from the 2001 Academy Awards.


Mick Jagger performed on stage, without the Stones in tow. I actually want to see what a 67 year old can do to show what the younger crowd can aspire to be in 50 years.

Speaking of younger crowd, Justin Bieber did his 6 minutes of fame. What’s that? He’s still famous? Who knew he would still be popular going into 2011. Maybe I’m 30 years too old to have noticed.

Lady Antebellum took home 5 of the 6 Grammys they were nominated for. Which goes to show how big a song repeating three words could be. Sorry Mick, but “Start Me Up” had a good run at the beginning of all NFL games.

Everyone seems shocked that Eminem got snubbed, even though he and Jay-Z just about swept the Rap categories. Remind me again what type of music they play again? Oh yeah… rap. Both artists got their just deserves. [I like both artists, if you couldn’t tell]

But the top honor of the night went to one of my favorite bands – Arcade Fire. For those of you that are not familiar with the brilliance of last year’s “The Suburbs”, you really should check it out. It made my best of 2010 list.

Here’s a link to their YouTube VEVO page.

And here’s the happy band celebrating their big Grammy win:

Your Take

So who watched the Grammys? Did any of your favorites win?