The 6th studio album released on January 9, 1984

Kicking off 1984 with a massive album, Van Halen proved they were the biggest band on the planet and there was no stopping them. As this album turns 40, it also reminds me that I was 20 when it came out and was so into music that I was elated that one of my favorite bands would end up with a popular album that dominated the charts and the airwaves.

Track Listing

  1. “1984”
  2. “Jump”
  3. “Panama”
  4. “Top Jimmy”
  5. “Drop Dead Legs”
  6. “Hot for Teacher”
  7. “I’ll Wait”
  8. “Girl Gone Bad”
  9. “House of Pain”

The Last Album For the First Time

This album was huge. So many hits. So many videos. So much tension in the band. They kind of went out with a bang. My favorite song on this album was “Hot For Teacher” and the video played non-stop on MTV. But then the next song on the album “I’ll Wait” really was a stellar track. “Jump” and “Panama” were the biggest and most popular. Heavy rotation on radio and video.

It would be the last studio album with David Lee Roth on vocals for 28 years [until “A Different Kind Of Truth” would end up being their final studio album in 2012] not including the two songs on the first greatest hits album in 1996.