goodreads 2021
Goodreads 2021 Challenge – January 2021

I read 3 books so far this year. About half way through a 4th. As suggested by Kapgar, this is going to be a monthly post to update on my progress. Each of the books I’ve read, I will be copying the Goodreads review I have done for each book into this monthly update blog post. And each book title heading is a link to the Goodreads page for the book.

I might expand on future reading updates posts, but at this point celebrating the fact that I have read as many books as I did the entire year of 2020 is where I am at now. 11 months to go.

Penguins (Nature’s Window)

by Sheila Buff

A small and short book, suited for a coffee table, that has a great history of penguins throughout the world and with amazing photos to go along with this short yet detailed story.

No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality

by Michael J. Fox

I’ve not read his previous 3 books, so this first delve into Michael J Fox and his writing career was great. Well told life experiences, mostly his battle with Parkinson’s, but also his spine surgery and shattered arm and the recoveries from both were great. Chapter 20 made me cry for multiple reasons.

What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography

by Bruce Dickinson

Parts of the story had an all over the place feel to it, but it’s a rock star turned commercial airline pilot telling his life story – minus the births, marriages and divorces. And at the very end, a lead singer of one of the world’s biggest metal bands who fought cancer and survived to tell about it here. A good read if you are any kind of fan of the band Iron Maiden.