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News – Story 1: UTA reverses their stance on closed committee meetings
News – Story 2: Salt Lake City to phase out smoking rooms at international airport
News – Story 3: Salt Lake City has it’s first openly gay mayor

  • RANT: Can’t get a drink until 11:30am here in Utah
  • – ok, that’s not entirely true; golf courses will serve you 3.2% ABV beer at 10am; other than close-to-water beer, you can’t get a drink in Utah until 11:30am at any restaurant that has any kind of liquor licenses; bars and clubs, they get to serve starting at 10am along side the golf courses (they get to serve hard alcohol, which gives them a one-up); the one lone exception is the SLC airport, which gets to serve it’s patrons a bloody mary or a gin and tonic at 8am; why are they the exception? cause why scare away potential tourists as they are coming to our fine city, only to find out the next morning at their hotel that 8am only applied to the airport; wait until 11:30am to get your liquor; Sunday brunch patrons are learning not to show up until 11am so they can get their coffee and danishes and put in their morning cocktail orders so they can be served sometime after the 11:30am starting line; I’m sure other states have their prohibition hold over laws, but since I live here, I can bitch about the ridiculous alcohol laws in Utah; maybe someday they will change; they have gotten better over the years, so there is hope.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Went camping this weekend
  • – we have friends that have property about 2 hours east of where we live in Salt Lake; it’s a place called Starvation Reservoir; the property is nice, but in a working state of progression of being built out by our friends; we ended up using a tent I’ve had for years, which only sleeps 2 and not all that comfortably I might add; we camped for two nights, with the air mattress my wife was using losing a lot of air the first night; we found the issue (not a leak but the cover to the air hole wasn’t tight) and her second night was much better, given the tent situation; our friends have ATVs and we got to ride them during the day on the various trails that are near their property; lots of BBQ, sandwich making and adult beverages were consumed; we always bring a lot of food to contribute for the meals; and of course, I have enough alcohol to help me pass out at night; hey, I don’t have to drive (I’m sober while riding the ATV) and it’s nice to have fun and enjoy myself; we are certain to go back before summer ends.

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  • Salt Lake City to phase out smoking rooms at international airport
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