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See… 50,000 tweets

Today, I hit the milestone of 50,000 tweets. Took me almost 6 years to send that many tweets.

I imagine it will be at least 5 years before I reach 100,000 tweets.


It’s time for a giveaway. I have 3 items up for grabs.

itunes 10

iTunes $10 gift card

lego 3ds

LEGO Pirates Video Game for Nintendo 3DS

starbucks mug

16oz insulated metal construction Starbucks coffee mug

Enter To Win


  • To enter, leave a comment – any comment will do. Even the word “Hi”. Or a congrats works, too.
  • Comments left on the Facebook post for this blog post DO NOT count towards an entry.
  • Only one entry per person. You can comment as many times as you want on this post, but I will only count your name once.
  • Entries are accepted until Sunday January 19, 2014, 11:59pm PST. That is when this giveaway ends.
  • I will count up the number of entries/comments and enter that total into a random number generator. Whatever number gets picked, wins. Then I will do it again, omitting the number of the comment that won. Then a third time, omitting both the first and second number associated with that comment.
  • You can only win ONCE
  • Winners will be announced on Tuesday January 21, 2014 here on this blog.
  • Shipping is included [since all items are physical]

Get to commenting, people.