from L to R: iPod touch 1st gen, iPod touch 5th gen, iPod nano 2nd gen, iPod nano 5th gen and iPod nano 7th gen

The last few years, I’ve been embracing the iPod 7th gen model that I still own and use everyday for podcasts. I’ve also been using the iPod nano 5th gen as the media player for my car [via the USB port that plays on my AUX input]. My wife was using her iPod touch 5th gen to listen to music at her desk at work, but not so much lately.

Then recently, we found the iPod touch 1st gen and the green iPod nano 2nd gen in a box. These iPods have been around for this long I thought I would find a way to revive them. I decided that even though 16gb of music is nice to have in the car, it’s overkill sometimes for adding some of my favorite albums and having to remove some of them. Instead, I got the iPod nano 2nd gen charged up and updated with just my favorite albums. It’s only got 4gb of space, so that didn’t leave room for more than a few hundred songs. That worked fine for me and it’s nice to have those albums that I really enjoy, including new releases by Marilyn Manson, LCD Soundsystem, Weezer and Foo Fighters. [I can’t play Bluetooth music from my iPhone to my 2012 car… that feature was added to the next year’s model of the Nissan Sentra]


Anyone else rocking their older devices for music playing?