iphone 2g
I had one of the first iPhones, just not on day one

Happy 10th anniversary to the iPhone. 10 years ago today, the iPhone was available for purchase. Lines snaked for blocks around the Apple Stores for people to wait in line to be on the forefront of a new mobile phone platform.

I was not in one of those lines. I wouldn’t get the first iPhone until October 2009, more than 2 years after it’s initial introduction. Since my main carrier was Sprint and my main phone was a Palm Pre, I had to use the iPhone with a pre-paid plan on AT&T and using one of many jailbreaks to allow the phone to be used on their AT&T Go pre-paid plan.

Today, I’ve got an iPhone 6S Plus and love it. And I will most likely keep using the iPhone unless they royally screw things up so bad that there won’t be any logical reason to stay on the iPhone platform.

I doubt Apple will screw things up THAT bad.

Here’s to another 10 years of the iPhone.