apple sept 10th invite
Bring on the new iStuff, Apple

iPhone 5x

I love my iPhone 4S. I really do. I just hate the carrier it’s on [Sprint] and the horrible data coverage I experience on a daily basis. So I’m itchin’ to get a new phone on a new carrier [most likely AT&T]. And what better timing, too.

Reading every rumor about the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, I’m excited for today’s announcement and product reveal. I might not be pulling the credit card trigger right away, but it’s exciting to think about getting a new iPhone that I will love just as much as my 4S.

iPad 5/iPad mini

ipad 5 case
Original image found at Techcrunch

I’m ready for an iPad upgrade. Not that I’ve outgrown my 3rd gen model, but I really want something lighter and thinner with just as good or better battery life. And the rumor mill has left me drooling for a new iPad. Of course, the same rumor mill also is thinking there might be an iPad mini with a Retina display. I’m so torn. I am guessing there will be no mention of new iPads today, so I will continue to wait. Plus, my iPad works great still.

iPod Classic

ipod classic
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The last of the big storage click wheel iPods might be doing the swan song thing. Sunsetting a classic, literally. My hope, and I know the hope of some of my readers, is that there is one last update. I’m thinking if they do, it’s adding a 250gb hard drive and [this is a stretch] a Lightning port. If not, this might be the last chance to buy one of these musical storage players before they are gone for good.

iPod nano 32gb

ipod nano 7th gen
C’mon 32gb model…

I blogged about how much I like my 7th gen iPod nano… except for wanting more storage space. I would love to see them update this with 32gb. That’s twice the amount of storage that I currently have to manage on a regular basis. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but you never know.


Guess we’ll find out everything in just a few hours. I’ll be watching this Engadget page as the news gets revealed.

Stay tuned…