I am working on a different Scooter Sunday graphic that I can use for my weekly scooter posts. Until that is done, I’m reusing a previously-taken photo of my scooter.

my 2006 Honda Metro

I actually rode today. Just to the grocery store. Was out of Red Bull to add to my vodka. The weather started out nice earlier in the day, but by the time I hopped on my scooter, it was cloudy and turned a bit cooler. Not very promising for a holiday weekend, or for a longer scooter ride.

The Cure

Ended up going to The Cure concert here in Salt Lake City on Friday night.

The Cure live

Each and every time I’ve seen them in concert (this was my third), they put on an incredible performance. And this show was no exception. Four encores in just over three hours. And they played pretty much everything you can think of (except for “Close To Me” and “Charlotte Sometimes”), pleasing old and new fans. And as an old fan [since 1982], it was great to have them dig deep into their back catalog (“One Hundred Years” and “At Night” never sounded better live), even though many in the crowd may not have been born before those songs were released. Regardless, a great show and one that my daughter enjoyed for her first Cure concert.
Indy IV


Nineteen years after the third installment of the Indiana Jones movie was released, we have the return of Lucas, Spielberg and Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was one of those films that you have to see, but there were some differences since 1989’s Last Crusade brought movie goers cheering the whip-cracking explorer. I won’t reveal any spoilers here, but the ending was totally unexpected. Talk about taking a completely different turn. I guess Lucas and Co. didn’t like the previous screenwriters attempts at extending a successful trilogy into a “forth time’s a charm” series. It should make a nice chuck of change at the box office, but audiences may wonder if the wait was worth the semi-climatic ending.


And that’s all for now. Let’s see if I can finish next week’s post any sooner than the final minutes of Sunday. Hope everyone has a safe and eventful Memorial Day. Remember those who have fallen in fighting for our country.