I’m not going to lie here. This blogging every day this month is overwhelming. But that’s not really explaining it well. It’s not really the daily the blogging that is the overwhelming part. It’s everything else that gets in the way of blogging. And everything else I want to do.

This is not to say that the other things that interrupt my blogging are not important. But when you have that overwhelming feeling that comes over you and weighs heavy, it’s hard not to look at everything else as a burden. So to those things that I do that are important, please don’t take this as personal.

Regardless, I push forward, even if it’s back dating posts that I start almost 24 hours earlier but barely finish at the end of the next day. This counts as a daily post for me.

More posts with more content coming up in the next 18 days, 9 of which are travel days.

Let’s see how I manage it all in this overwhelmed state.