RIP iDisk

This morning, I cleaned off the last of my files out on my iDisk. As of tomorrow, Apple is shutting down the service in one of their final steps to completely move to iCloud.

The End

mobileme ending
It’s the end of the road tomorrow

Calendar, Reminders and Contacts all were migrated to iCloud, but iDisk remained orphaned. It was hoped that at the last minute, Apple would decide to continue the iDisk, but alas, they did not and it all goes dark tomorrow.

My main use of iDisk was to share files with others and also allowing others to share files with me. The public folder had a nice feature and interface to allow anyone to download files AND upload files – no user account needed. Just a web link to the folder and any files could be shared.

I could tighten down security if I needed to, but for who I shared files with, I was ok to leave it wide open. Anyone that might have uploaded a bunch of crap, I could just delete it.

As for what I replaced iDisk with, I’m still evaluating multiple cloud storage options, but for now, Box seems to be the option that works best. I got 50gb of storage for free and am able to share files with others. Not as easily as it was to do with iDisk, but it’s a decent solution for replacing what I did with iDisk. I still need to work out a shared public drive that is easily accesible for anyone to upload files to without having a Box account. But no rush on that.

Anyone else going to miss their iDisk? What cloud storage provider did you replace it with?