ice cream cone
Eat the cone, don’t waste it on a stupid prank

So like planking and owling that came before it, coning (or cone-ing) is another stupid and dumb prank that mindless individuals have created to garner a few laughs on YouTube.

It involves ordering an ice cream cone from McDonald’s via the drive through and instead of grabbing it from the cone bottom, it gets grabbed from the top – the ice cream. Which creates a mess for the prankster and is intended to embarrass the employee and others that aren’t in on the prank.

Simply put, it’s just fucking dumb.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve done my share of pranks over the years and I’ve laughed when others get played. My favorite was to super glue a quarter to the ground and watch people try to pick it up. That’s classic for a prank.

This prank… not so much. Maybe I have to be younger to understand why it’s so funny. But even still, it seems rather pointless in so many ways. Watch the video above and see if it garners a laugh. Not a single one for this guy.

But it appears that not only is it catching on with other nitwits, those potential victims are being educated. Watch this coning prank get foiled by a smart and up-to-date manager.

PWNED! Ha ha… even the hot blonde gets set back. Eat your damn ice cream cone like everybody else not looking for their fail moment on the interwebs!

It’s time to just say no to these dumb pranks. I’m putting out a call out to bring back the classics… vaseline on door knobs, saran wrap on toilet seats, pennies jammed in doors and the afore mentioned quarter glued to the sidewalk. Let’s show the web newbies how’s it’s done.

And on that note, I’m going to go watch Jackass.