Banana Twinkies
Twinkie The Kid – Gone Banana

Everyone knows that I am a big fan of all things retro. And especially so when it’s a product that reminds me of what I experienced as a kid, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. And Hostess recently did this when they reintroduced classic packaging for four of their snack cake varieties [I was never a fan of the Cup Cakes, so I omitted those from this retro review].

Banana Twinkies are the rare snack treat that were originally available in just the banana flavor, but tend to be available in some regional markets every few years in limited form. The last time I remember finding Banana Twinkies was in 2004 at a remote quick stop gas station in the middle of Utah. From what I’ve heard, the Banana Twinkies went permanent in 2007. I haven’t found them in my local grocery stores, so it must be a regional thing.

rolls of chocolate and creme

Ho-Ho’s were never a favorite of mine, but would ones that I would eat when Ding Dongs were not available. They are similar in taste and ingredients, but I never quite caught onto the rolled up chocolate style.

Ho-Ho - Banana Twinkies

Both are packaged in their modern plastic that’s been around for the last ten years or so. The original package of each snack cake was less plastic than I remember. For example, the Twinkie wasn’t in clear plastic – more like the white plastic that the Ho-Ho is currently packaged in.

Ho-Ho - Banana Twinkies
ready to eat

As for the taste of each item, the Banana Twinkie seemed more sugary this time. The banana flavor is part of the creme filling and previous tastings it seemed less sweet than this version. It’s ok, but not as good as I remember from 7 years ago.

The Ho-Ho’s are smaller than I remember eating some 20 years ago, but with a taste that is pretty close to what my taste buds recall.

Ding Dong
It’s King Ding Dong

Now here is my favorite of the bunch. Ding Dongs were what I snuck around to eat, since my mom was against me having most sugar products. The box with the cartoon King Ding Dong brings back so many of those contraband memories.

Ding Dong
retro done right – original foil wrap, not cheap white plastic

And this is retro done right… instead of using the modern plastic, they went true retro and wrapped each on in foil. I was very happy to see this. It does reduce the shelf life, but I don’t care… I’m going to eat these before they go bad, anyway.

Ding Dong
Chocolate covered goodness

Yum! So good. Even in their modern style, I don’t remember the last time I had a Ding Dong… maybe 10 years ago. But the taste was there and so were the memories.

Not sure how long these will be around, but if you want a step back into time, go find your favorite of these snack cake rewinds and enjoy the sugary goodness.