Before too many weeks and months pass [it will be a month tomorrow], it’s about time I posted on my most recent trip, which was to Disneyland in California.

Like Going Home

Most of you may already know that I grew up in Orange County, in a town called Garden Grove, CA. So anytime I go back to visit – especially a Disney trip – it’s like going home for me. The hotel we stayed at – the Hilton Garden Inn on Harbor Blvd – was literally a 10 minute walk to my mom’s last place she lived in on Chapman Ave. [which is just a two minute walk to the Hi-Crest Liquor store].

As we drove into the hotel parking lot, I had some memories come back as I saw the Toys R Us that I used to go to a lot as a kid – but instead of the familiar view of the logo, I saw this:

old TRU sign
What’s left of the Toys R Us sign

old TRU bldg
Just a shell of the Toys R Us I used to shop for toys

Sad, huh. Not sure what they are going to do with this building, but a part of my childhood is gone.


disney hours sign
What?? No Roger Rabbit ride this trip? I guess I can deal with that

Ok, wipe away the tears of sadness and let’s move onto something awesome… Disneyland!

This was one of those family trips, with my wife, my daughter, my step daughter, her daughter and boyfriend and her boyfriend’s niece… oh, and myself. And now, without further delays, enjoy the photos from our time at Disney.

tiffany entrance
Look at that excitement!

marty entrance
That smile says Disney magic!

ayla and ella
Two excited girls waiting to go ride the rides

Me and the girls
Me and the girls in front of Mickey Pumpkin

Space Mtn gone halloween
Space Mountain taken over by ghosts (I wasn’t frightened)

Star Tours
Star Tours reopens in 2011 – I can’t wait!!

First Time Rider

Tiffany Space Mtn
First time rider smile

One moment to celebrate on this trip was my daughter’s first time riding Space Mountain. Yes, even at the age of 19, she had never been on this ride, either being too young/not tall enough [she made several trips as a child] or when she was tall enough to ride, it was down for refurbishment. And yes, she loved the ride.

tiffany marty splash mtn
Do you think we’re having fun? I think so.

tower of terror
Everyone.. raise your hands.. c’mon Reba and Marty…

Mickey bandleader
Mickey is the leader of the band on Main Street

Captain EO
Damn Hooter for eating that map

elecTRONica comes to California Adventure

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Downtown Disney

And we ended it all with shopping at Downtown Disney, including a visit to the LEGO store [I had to make it here since missing the one in Sacramento]

LEGO store
I so wish I had one of these near my house

And on that note, in the classic Disney words spoken, “See you real soon…