An envelope arrived, along with various other pieces of junk in the mail the other day. I set it aside, not even really looking at what it said on the outside.

My wife asked what it was. “Oh, just some mail. I’ll open it later.” I honestly didn’t even look at it all that closely to see who it was even from. I just assumed it was some sort of insurance offer.

Fast forward to tonight. I’m outside on the patio, checking my Facebook and reading through my notifications and see something from a Lynn Levick. I know who she is, so I take a look at her note:

Have any of you received your reunion invitation?

Invitation? What invitation? I look at the top part of the Facebook screen and see:

“1981, 1982, 1983 Garden Grove High – Combined Reunion”


I put my iPad down, run into the house and look on the counter.


Next year – 2011 – will be 30 years since I left high school. I went to my five year reunion, which was pretty much “nothing has changed except I work now” I’ve not been to any of the other ones. I thought about going to my 25th four years ago, but never did. Not sure why I didn’t go.

And now my 30th is coming up in less than a year and I simply shrugged off the invite.

Goddamn, I feel old now.

I also feel motivated to get in shape, look good, spruce up my resume, grow a beard… lots to do before next August.

This is exciting. No really. It’s exciting. Not that I’ll remember half the people that will be there. I spent my first two years of high school stoned, lit up, drunk and wasted. But then again, I spent my last two years busting my ass so I could graduate. Ying and Yang. But enough of that. That was 29 years ago. Now I’m excited to attend this shindig and that I even know at least 10 people on the list of those that said they would be there. That counts for something.

Now to get busy filling out the forms and questionnaires. Stay tuned.