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Back a couple of weeks ago, KevinAZ was tweeting about Human League albums and I proceeded to listen to some albums from this Sheffield band that I hadn’t heard in years. And it reminded me what my favorite Human League song was “Love Action (I Believe In Love)” from the 1981 album “Dare“, which is also stylized as “Dare!“.

Hit Song

This particular song was released as a single in August 1981. Which for me, that would have been 2 months after I graduated from high school. I was big on new wave bands like Devo and the B-52’s and electronic music was all the rage. I knew of Human League, but had only heard a few songs from their previous albums. “Dare” was created after the band had a line-up change, with original member Martyn Ware leaving to start the band Heaven 17.

The song is about band leader Phil Oakey’s various relationships, including a shout out to himself.

The album had one other hit song, “Don’t You Want Me”, which helped propel the band into the mainstream. I liked “Don’t You Want Me” but it didn’t grab me like “Love Action” did at one point during the song.

Since 2014

Human League
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So where is the band today? They are still together and perform live often. The band’s line-up has been pretty stable with the same three members being in the band since 1981, the year “Love Action” came out.

I don’t recall having a chance to see them live, but you can bet I would love to hear “Love Action” live.