tintfa 6 month 2013

There was no update for May, because… well.. except for Cabo San Lucas, I want to just not mention how unproductive May was.

Then June happened. A bit more productive, but mostly towards the very end of the month. And by ‘end of the month’, I mean the last 5 days up until June 30th.

List Evaluated

The items on my list are ones I am still wanting to accomplish:

  • Eat Right
  • Daily Exercise
  • From The Jigger
  • Three Book Series
  • Scooter Sunday Season 5
  • All of the above are still priorities for me, and still get some form of progress, but there are many things that prevent me from making progress. Some of which I am trying to resolve. Some of it I can’t yet discuss out here. The rest is related to unanswered questions about my current “Me” state.

    It really is a personal thing, which just so happens to hijack the time and energy I spend on the projects I love and want to complete.

    August 1st

    There will be a real update in August that will outline what I have done. And without waiting until I do a rush job on my TINTFA items on July 31st.

    I am going to make July my bitch. Because May and June were just too passive in their efforts for keeping me productive.

    For now, thank you for your support – both written and silent – on completing my TINTFAs. It’s very much appreciated.