Orlando shooting

News – Story 1: My thoughts on the mass shooting that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL on June 12, 2016, killing 49 patrons.
News – Story 2: My thoughts on gun control and gun ownership and why I’m for better ways to prevent tragedies and mass shootings.

  • RANT: The “there’s nothing we could do” and “if only the victims would have been armed” rhetoric needs to stop
  • – So anytime a mass shooting happens, the pro gun people are mostly silent, trying not to add anything to the conversation about the mass collection of guns by those they side with; but when they do speak out, there are two verbatim statements they normally proclaim to give a response; one is “there’s nothing we could do” which means to them, that anytime a nutcase goes and shoots up a place and kills people, there is nothing they could have done to stop this person from exercising their 2nd amendment right to own and use guns; ironically, there’s some truth in that statement in that anyone who is armed, regardless of how they obtained their firearms, could go out and commit mass carnage and any of us – pro gun and gun control types – could do nothing personally to stop these people; but, refusing to do any type of action to help prevent those who are not stable enough to own and operate firearms is where the real lack of credibility in that statement comes through; the other statement is “if only the victims would have been armed” which refers to putting a gun into each and every person that goes out into the public; say a crazy man shoots up a theater; if someone in that theater had a firearm – also known as “good guy with a gun”, they could have expertly identified him in that dark environment and taken him out, without killing or shooting any innocent person in the process; this is the logic and mindset of pro gun people, in that they want to be the hero and save the day; I see this all the time online, whether it’s a meme that’s going around or someone’s defense to own the many firearms in hopes that one day, they will be the one to take down the killer; I am baffled by these two statements in support of adding more guns to the mix of humanity; I liken it to someone saying they can fix traffic and accidents by adding more cars to the roads; it doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t to anyone wanting a safer and less violent society.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Proud to not own any firearms
  • – other than a BB gun I had (and still have) when I was a teenager, I have never owned a single firearm; and I also have no desire to own one during my lifetime; it’s not that I’m afraid of them and if I did own one, I would most certainly get proper and professional training on the use and care of gun ownership; but that’s pretty much never going to happen as I don’t buy into the need to have a gun or multiple guns; I am very cautious around gun owners and expressing my views and positions on my push for better gun control; I know there’s a lot of responsible gun owners and I applaud them for being responsible; I’m quite happy with my decision to be gun free in my life and with most of my family.

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