Let’s go back in time to the year 1975. I wasn’t quite 12 yet, but I started noticing girls. Foxes as they were called back then. This band Sweet had released a song called “Fox On The Run” and it got played on the radio a lot. I might have been only 11, but I knew what the song was about, at least the general sense of it.

And for more than 40 years now, every time I hear this song, I think about my youth and all of the cute girls that I used to wish were my girlfriends.

What’s Old Is New Again

Fast forward to today. I hear this song now and it makes me think of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. movie coming out on May 5th. What was once an old reminder of my younger days is now an new reminder of how exciting a Marvel movie this song is now associated with.

That’s not a bad thing. No. But now this movie better be good. As good or better than the first one.