Getting to this quite late, but it’s been a full day.

And off I go...

Another short ride today, but it was still fun. Rode it to check the air in my tires at the local Sinclair gas station down the road. As you can see from the photo, I ride with a helmet, even though Utah law does not require a helmet for any two-wheeled vehicle. I prefer not to be an “organ donor”, as my friend that rides motorcycles prefers to call people that ride without one. I understand there are times when it may hinder a ride, but with the ratio of cars, trucks, diesels and SUVs much higher than scooters and motorcycles, it’s a safety issue. At least that’s how I see it.


For the last 12 years, I’ve taken up golf as my sport of choice. And even after that long, I’m still not all that good. But I enjoy it. It’s a challenge to me and one that I really like. Yes, I swear when my ball goes in the water or when I have way too many triple bogeys in a 9-hole game. But that’s all part of the challenge, or so many golfers have told me.

Utah's oldest golf course

Today was my first game of the season. Last year at this time, I had already played five rounds of 9-holes. But this year, as you’ve seen in some of my posts, the weather has been extra shitty cold and not very golfer-friendly. Today was no wind, high 60’s – low 70’s and just a great day. And I wasn’t about to piss it away by not getting out the clubs.

So how’d I do? Not bad, for the first game of the season. Pared one hole, single bogey on two holes and multiple bogeys on the rest. But the “fucks” and “dammits” didn’t flow quite as much. It helped that my friend and I were paired up with a 50-something couple and I didn’t feel like blaring obscenities around them. Plus, I was just plain happy to be out hitting the tees, chipping on the fairway and putting the ball into the cup. What’s not to love?

Iron Man the movie

But that’s not all of my day. My fiance and I went to the 7:30pm showing of Iron Man. What a kick ass movie. I knew the story from the Marvel comic book series, but that didn’t matter. The movie (albeit changed somewhat from the comic book version) stood on it’s own. Robert Downey Jr. was very well cast in the role of Tony Stark. The effects were non-stop and not cheesy or over the top. I can’t say enough good things about this film. Check it out, even if you are not part of the geekdom world that read comic books as a kid. And stay to the end, past the credits.

So that’s it for today. I’ll post again this week. Thanks for reading and sticking with me.