6 stars
Wait, what? I didn’t complete the star dash?

I get regular offers from Starbucks, being a Starbucks Card holder [and a Gold Card member to boot], so when they do these Star Dash challenges, I try to see how far I can get.

This particular one varies the offer for different Starbucks account holders [as Starbucks Melody outlines in her excellent blog post]. I got the purchase 6, get 10 bonus stars. Purchase 10, get 20 bonus stars. While I didn’t make the purchase 10, I did make the purchase 6 and will be getting 10 bonus stars.

10 bonus stars
10 bonus stars… that’s more like it.

I wouldn’t have minded the 20 bonus stars as that would have been an instant Gold status renewal for the next year. But damn.. 10 purchases in less than 14 days was a lot, especially if I wasn’t traveling, which I tend to visit Starbucks more often on the road.

Maybe for the next star dash, I will be more inclined to go for the total reward. We shall see what offer comes down the Pike 😉