Better Off Ted :

  • – This episode has multiple stories about recent Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz.
  • – If you’ve already read or heard too much, feel free to skip to this week’s rant and shameless plug. They are not about Ted Cruz.
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  • News – Story 1: Senator Ted Cruz first official Presidential candidate for 2016 race
  • – on March 23rd at Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University, with all students forced to attend, Ted Cruz announced he was running for President, which made him the first to do so out of all potential candidates; the choice of an ultra Christian-focued institution gave pause to anyone but the most religious of Christians; his platform was a list of “imagine if” statements, mostly focused on repealing Obamacare and catering to his party base, which from a Republican level, that could be all over the place; his tea-party background was evident in his announcement, given his disdain for government functions like the IRS, which is not really a government entity; the issue of his citizenship was never in question, as he is eligible through his mother; guess we shall see how long he lasts in the race.
    – Link to article: Sen. Ted Cruz Becomes First Republican To Announce Presidential Candidacy

  • News – Story 2: Ted Cruz signing up for Obamacare – AKA Affordable Care Act
  • – What?? the king of “KILL IT!” is having to sign up for the ACA; his wife worked for Goldman Sachs and is taking a leave of absence to help her husband become King.. err… President; in several interviews, he makes it known he is against this law, but he is actually going to get insurance through it, even though there are many other options that he could get, like several other members of Congress do now; or his wife could have gone onto COBRA from her place of work; the idea of Cruz being on ACA is something of a very odd irony; it’s almost as if he really wants it work so he can get the subsidy, at the same time railing on the subsidy; for now, those of us that know how the ACA is helping get more insured will enjoy this fine bit of oddness.
    – Link to article: Obamacare Opponent Ted Cruz is Signing Up for Obamacare

  • News – Story 3: Ted Cruz says satellite data shows no global warming, satellite scientist says otherwise
  • – so based on a selected blog post, Mr. Cruz is using selected data to state that his claim is correct; and while the warming pattern was slower from the year he started from in 1998 to 2015, his claim of “zero” is not accurate; the source that Ted Cruz pulled his information from says there was a pause or hiatus in warming; but then this physicist Carl Mears makes a point to note that global warming is still valid; of course, there’s more than just satellite data to look at, as Carl Mears explains further in the link to the article on the show notes; cherry picking, with some accurate information to tell your uninformed supporters, is a way to shut down your critics, albeit not as accurate as the long term data shows.
    – Link to article: Ted Cruz says satellite data show the globe isn’t warming

  • RANT: California lawyer proposes Sodomite Suppression Act, with legal license to kill gays
  • – yes, this is real story and not one from the Onion; Matt McLaughlin, a Huntinington Beach CA lawyer, who is obviously a religious wack job, has drafted up a law and sent it to be voted on; the law proclaims that the citizens of California need to be protected from God’s wrath that the gays have brought upon us; it offers a legal means to take out these gays by killing them, there by protecting the majority of the population from God’s wrath; reading this would be funny if this loon ball wasn’t serious in his legal proposal; steps taken from the CA election people to stop this have been met with disdain, as under the current system, anyone with $250 can propose a new law and have it be put up for a ballot initiative; fat chance this law would ever get past a preliminary vote, which would fall way short of the 350,000 signatures needed to even make it to a ballot; i understand there are efforts to get this freak barred from practicing law; I hope that measure passes.
    – Link to article: Lawyer In California Proposes Killing Gays

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: The end of Winter and the start to Spring happened
  • – yes, I like to talk about the weather at the start of many episodes; but even though it was a very mild winter, I’m still happy to see Spring started, which means one more season closer to Summer, which is my favorite season; I like Fall to some degree, but I don’t do cold very well; I much prefer the warmth of summer; some Spring days get into the mid to high 70’s, which means I can switch to a lighter jacket or windbreaker; I take in the few nice days we have during Spring, which are sandwiched in-between windy, wet and colder days.

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