Episode 024

– Keep Reaching For The Stars :

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  • – Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there; I hope your day was spent with your kids. I went to brunch with my daughter this morning and enjoyed spending time with her before she had to go to work.
  • – Now that NHL and NBA are pretty much done, we can let baseball have it’s focus, which brings a lot of great time outdoors.
  • News – Story 1: Google Fiber is coming to Portland, OR
  • – the city council recently signed an intent agreement to bring the high speed fiber internet connection to the city; it’s still in the planning stages, but the mayor is excited about the prospect of a 1gb fiber connection into homes and businesses; Currently only available in three cities: Kansas City, MO, Austin TX and Provo, UT; yes that city just south of me has 1gb fiber connectivity; there is ongoing construction in each city to expand into suburban areas; Reading on the list of cities under consideration is Salt Lake City; of course, that could mean just downtown and not the entire valley; but it’s a start; the promise of a viable competitor to the cable company monopolies makes me have hope for the future; three different plans are: internet and TV, internet only and free internet when you pay the $300 installation cost; the free internet connection is only 5gb, which for anyone that does anything more than basic email and web browsing, it’s not going to be fast enough; looking forward to reading progress.
    – Link to article: Google Fiber will come to Portland before it comes to New York

  • News – Story 2: Casey Kasem, long time DJ and broadcaster, died at the age of 82
  • – he hosted the “American Top 40” radio show for 18 years, starting July 4, 1970; he was most famous for making long distance dedications, telling stories sent in by listeners; he also was a voice over actor, most famously playing Shaggy on the original Scooby Doo cartoon; the last couple of years have been difficult, not only with his declining health, but with the battle his second wife had with his children from his first marriage; Kerri Kasem recently gained access to her father and any end of life decisions; He gave his last countdown on July 4, 2009; a legend amongst radio DJs; Ryan Seacrest took over his countdown show in 2004.
    – Link to article: Casey Kasem, Legendary Broadcaster, Dead At 82
    moon cheese

  • News – Story 3: President Obama says denying climate change is like arguing the moon is made of cheese
  • – in his address at Angel Stadium to graduates of UCI, he urged them to be active in causes to protect the environment; discussed how stubborn Congress is in enacting progress for climate change; discussed the changes to our planet that need to be prevented; many people don’t believe climate change is caused by humans; my position is that we as humans are largely responsible for the increase of damage to the planet; there is more we can do to reduce our carbon footprint; my wish is for younger generations to get behind this and those of us that are older, to support them and help; there are so many that against this, it boggles my mind that things like car exhaust gets excused as something that doesn’t cause damage; Fortunately, I know enough that are willing to change their life habits; let’s hope a brighter future will emerge and that we can still reverse a good amount of these pollutants that are causing damage.
    – Link to article: Obama: Denying Climate Change Is Like Saying the Moon Is “Made of Cheese”

  • RANT: Light rail trains never run late enough at night
  • – UTA is our local public transit company; since December 1999, they have had light rail service; over the years, they have never run past 11:45p at night; this makes it odd that they don’t on Friday and Saturday nights to help people get home after a night at the bar; instead, you must rely on a friend, spouse or taxi to come pick you up; riders are stranded at various stops, based on where the last trains of the night need to go back to their home base; UTA always claims it’s a budget thing, yet they can pay their execs six figures incomes while cutting train times and bus routes; it’s very frustrating for regular riders as their commute times are longer and filled with extra walking to reach the next connection to get home or to work; and taxis are not a regular thing here in Salt Lake; many times, people wait up to an hour for a taxi to show up; really hoping changes to Trax schedules happen soon to help those late nighters get home a bit easier.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Slash is back with a new album coming this fall
  • – “World On Fire” comes out September 15, 2014; the first single is the title track and it rocks; I’ve liked Slash in just about anything musically he’s done; well, I take that back; it took a bit for the first Guns n Roses album “Appetite For Destruction” to take hold on me; I wasn’t a fan right away; not due to Slash’s guitar abilities; just the album, which has been one of my top favorite albums of all time; the backing band is Myles Kennedy, from the band Alter Bridge; they released their last album back in 2012; this new album has 17 tracks and it’s one that I hope will be just as good or better than the previous album; the new song is catchy and it’s got some great riffs and licks; September can’t come soon enough.

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