game boy
My collection of older Game Boy Advance cartridges

Continuing my TBT post from last week, at the request of Kevin from, these are my Game Boy, DS and 3DS games I currently own.

On the Game Boy Advance side, I never had a lot of games for this system. There was a period of time when I didn’t play handheld games. My daughter has more than I do as she played a lot over the years. I blame other interests and the Sony PSP, which I do not own anymore.

Way Older Game Boy

game boy
all that’s left of Game Boy carts I own

I had a lot of Game Boy games back in the day. Well over 50 at one point when I played a lot of original Game Boy and Game Boy Color. From the photo above, the bottom two games are made for Game Boy Color. I had a copy of Cannon Fodder, but that must have gotten lost over the years. I loved that game and haven’t seen it on any modern platforms since the Atari Jaguar home console from 17 years ago.

DS and 3DS

game boy
And my DS and 3DS games

And when I started to get back to playing Nintendo handhelds again was when I got the DS Lite. Then I picked up a 3DS XL, and more recently upgraded that to a New 3DS XL. [which I will have to do a blog post on the migration to that latest handheld system]

If I come across a good deal on an older game, I do consider buying it, as long as it’s in great condition and it’s title that’s been on my want list for some years.