Introducing Cooper Trooper

I Am Cooper Trooper

Let me introduce myself. My name is Cooper Trooper. My assigned number is TK-8629. I served as a senior trooper in the battles on Hoth. I spent the majority of my time stationed at the Echo base. Before that, I spent a brief time of my service on the first Death Star. Just days before it’s destruction, I was transferred to the Echo base on Hoth. I consider myself one of the lucky ones.

After my service, I went into the reserves. For now, my assigned duties are simply to keep order and to monitor suspicious activities in my travels. It’s a very free life, which gives me time to see various parts of the galaxy. For the last year, I have been on Earth and have tried to integrate myself into the population, as evidenced by the photos I’ve posted here. I will also be posting other photos and video logs showing my experiences living amongst the people of Earth.

Cooper's car
Learning to drive was a challenge, but I eventually got the hang of it

Cooper's scooter
The people I am staying with own a scooter. Much slower than a speeder bike

Cooper on his scooter
It’s not easy to ride, but as with the car, I will eventually learn how

Mission Accepted

I was contacted by Norman and asked if I wanted to participate in his project of showing our integration in society. You can read his request here.

I will be moving my logs to a new location in the coming weeks, with an announcement of each new entry located here on this weblog, complete with a link to each entry.

I hope you enjoy them. I look forward to sharing them with the collective public.