french toast crunch
It came back to store shelves after more than 8 years of being gone

It’s been sometime since I last had a bowl of French Toast Crunch. It might have been back in the mid 90’s when it first came out. My daughter would have been close to 4 years old then, so we could eat cereal in the mornings.

Well, after an 8-year absence here in the US, the cereal is back in grocery and big box stores like Target.

Bowl Full

french toast crunch

What do I remember about this cereal was the taste of french toast in a an ultra sweet little bit of crunchy goodness, that had a french toast flavor to it. It’s not exactly like eating real french toast, which I had just this morning for breakfast. But it’s a nice flavor gesture.

Each little piece is pretty good after it’s been soaking in milk for a few minutes. Wait too long and it will get soggy. I enjoyed this box over the course of a couple of months. I still eat sugar cereals, so buying and eating this was not a shock to my system. Will I buy another box it? I’m sure I will at some point in the future, so long as General Mills keeps it on the market for the long haul.


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