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News – Story: Ryan Lochte and the robber that wasn’t;
News – Story: shuts down;
News – Story: Roger Ailes leaves top post at Fox News;
News – Story: Gene Wilder dies at age 83;
News – Story: Colin Kaepernick gets flack for not standing up during National Anthem;
News – Story: Louisiana Flooding; more than 31 inches of rain fell in 15 hours; thousands of residents displaced; at least 13 people have died in all of the affected areas; Trump, Clinton and Obama have been advised by local and state authorities and elected officials to postpone any visits that would hamper rescue and relief efforts; of course, there are those who are blaming Obama and Clinton for not visiting sooner; millions of dollars in damage; this is the hardest hit areas since Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast; it will be weeks and months before the water will subside and people can go back to anything resembling their home to collect any belongings; so sad to see this natural devastation; lives disrupted and property damaged to serious levels; certainly a sign of climate change, even some will still watch the footage and damage and still think it’s a hoax; ignore all you want, this is the normal to see this kind of weather conditions.
News – Story: Trump Foundation makes $25,000 payment to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi; and that’s not even the biggest bombshell of this story; turns out after such payment was made, Pam Bondi decided to not investigate fraud allegations again Trump University;
News – Story: State Dept reveals $1.7 billion was transferred from US to Iran at the time hostages were released; this figure is four times the amount as was reported before – $400 million; originally the Obama Administration denied it had anything to do with the hostages being released instead saying it was a long overdue payment to Iran from 1979; this Swiss bank transfer of cash to Iran happened on 3 different dates in January 2016; it was timed as leverage for the hostages being released; very disappointed in the Obama Administration for not being truthful about this money transfer; on top of that disappointment, President Obama has stated several times in his two-terms that we don’t pay ransom money to other countries; while that might not have been the exact case, the timing and the disclosure from the State Dept sure does have their hands dirty with this latest reveal.
News – Story: Phyllis Schlafly, leader of conservative values, dies at age 92; this was one of my mom’s heroes back in the 70’s as Schlafly helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment (her other hero was Ronald Reagan); I always questioned this woman’s logic, fighting against her own self and her gender; they used to always use made up stories about how all public bathrooms would be unisex and their hatred for gay people; I obviously didn’t support Schlafly or my mom as they spent endless efforts to take down what would have been better treatment of woman in many areas; In the last few months, Schlafly announced her support of Trump, angering those in the group she started years ago – Eagle Forum; she died from complications of cancer.
News – Story: Wells Fargo $185 million for falsely creating new accounts to meet sales quotas; CEO John Stumpf changes course and takes responsibility for the push to sign up customers for multiple products and services; his previous stance was to blame the 5,000 fired employees who skirted the system to meet the sales goals; his time on Capital Hill this week was met with fire and chastising for knowing about these sales pushes and the sales staff efforts to meet or exceed goals since 2013; Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took Mr. Stumpf to task with how it was allowed to get to the point of falsely signing up Wells Fargo customers up for services they didn’t agree to, including the transfer of money from existing WF accounts to new accounts setup, including making up email addresses to sign up for online banking;
News – Story: Bill Murray is a bartender for one night at his son’s bar in Brooklyn; Homer Murray co-owns the bar called 21 Greenpoint, near the East River;
News – Story: Domestic terrorists arrested in alleged plot targeting Muslims; the article linked to this story called them Militia members; I’ve corrected it to properly identify the real term for these crazy assholes; this was a domestic terrorist plan as it included the blowing up of apartment buildings in Garden City, KS where the majority of the tenants were Muslim; the name of the group these wackos belonged to is called Kansas Security Force;
News – Story: Howard Stern won’t replay old Donald Trump interviews; “It would be a betrayal to any of our guests if I sat there and played them now” says Howard about why he’s not going to go back and release the various interviews he’s had with Trump; “There’s nothing to find”, continues Stern, “They were right there in the open,” referring to the fact that the entire archive of Howard Stern show is available to SiriusXM subscribers;
News – Story: Pete Burns, lead singer of 80s band Dead or Alive, found dead at age 57; he had a massive heart attack just days from a new compilation album was to be released called “Sophisticated Boom Box MMXVI”;
News – Story: FBI head Comey posts letter alerting to email investigation; it’s the October Surprise that everyone wasn’t expecting; then more than a week later, he posts another letter saying that the FBI still is not pressing charges against Hillary Clinton for the private email server; what changed? Well, they searched 650,000 emails that were not sent by Hillary, but were on a laptop that was used by Anthony Weiner, but was also shared by his now-estranged wife Huma Abedin;
News – Story: Iowa women says she voted twice for Trump because “the polls are rigged;
News – Story: Oregon militia group acquitted by jury over takeover and occupation of federal wildlife refuge; Ammon Bundy and his six followers got off on charges of conspiracy from their armed takeover of the Masher National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year; all of this stemmed from the 2014 armed standoff over Cliven Bundy’s refusal to pay grazing fees for use of his cattle being on public land;
News – Story: Donald Trump wins Presidential election; Hillary Clinton ended winning the popular vote by more than 3 million votes;
News – Story: Gwen Ifill, long time journalist and newscaster, dies of cancer at 61;
News – Story: Obama administration cancels oil and gas leases on Blackfeet tribe’s sacred grounds;

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  • – Getting tired of getting behind with podcast episodes.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Don’t get hangovers anymore
  • – yes, you read that right and that’s not just a happy drunk trying to justify having multiple drinks a night; I used to get horrible hangovers from drinking at nights, waking up and hating myself for not drinking enough water and not taking Advils before passing out; what did I do to get rid of the hangovers? I quite drinking sugar drinks like daiquiris and Sex on the Beach (which I used to really like back in my 30’s). And I stick to the same spirit; I can drink and get a really nice buzz from tequila and doing a shot or two and then having a couple margaritas; for vodka, I can have 5-6 vodka tonics or vodka sodas or even White Russians, mixing them back and forth and being good the next morning; gin and tonics are just as plentiful and nothing in the morning; I do drink water before bedtime, which yes, makes me have to pee at least once during the night; hydration is still the number one way to keep from getting hangovers, but once I removed the sugar mixers, I could drink a lot and wake up happy.

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