Alfredo sign
Alfredo of New York

Since my first visit to Alfredo of Rome in 2006, I have deemed it as the place that serves the best fettucini alfredo. Most other places are inferior in how they prepare this dish. And rightly so since it is Alfredo alla scrofa – the original location in Rome Italy – where the dish was originally created. Dave2 of Blogography has been to the original location and raves about how great it is.

As Dave2 eludes to in his 2005 blog post, the are two locations in Rome that serve the original recipe of this dish. Click here to go to the Alfredo Roma web site to read about their locations [the Orlando location at Epcot closed in 2007 and a planned Las Vegas location never opened]

the best fettuccini alfredo I have ever had

The proper way of making the sauce is to use only three ingredients: butter, cream and cheese. And if you’ve had anything that wasn’t made to this type of simple perfection, then you have not had a good dish of fettucini alfredo. And to those who are asking, I have yet to eaten a homemade fettuccine alfredo that has been made to how Alfredo makes this pasta meal.

Last week in my trip to New York with my daughter, we made it a point to eat dinner at Alfredo and both of us were not disappointed. The dish was prepared exactly as I remembered since the last time I had it.

My goal is to one day make it to Rome to try the original recipe there and compare it to how authentic the Alfredo of Rome’s New York serving.

Anyone else have a great fettucini alfredo recipe? Anyone been to Alfredo and has this dish?