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  • – Seems like I should be praising my ability to fight distractions, even though it’s just as difficult each and every day.
  • – I look back more than I look forward. That needs to change.
  • Indiana RFRA

  • News – Story 1: Indiana makes RFRA law official, differs from federal and other states
  • – at the end of March, Indiana decided to make it’s own Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which contained the one part that elevated it above all other RFRA laws; the exercise of religion being substantially burdened for any corporation, company, firm, church, religious society, defined as a person; this means anyone that feels they don’t want to deal with anyone gay and blame it on their religious beliefs, can deny services to anyone, even if that person works for the state government, a store or belongs to a church; this goes beyond any religious belief, enshrining discrimination into a law that protects any individual under any weak argument; I’m no fan of these religious freedom laws as religion and religious belief is already protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution; there’s no need to go as far as Indiana to treat gay people as a threat; they are first and foremost human and should be treated like any of citizen in the public’s view; the law was modified to remove Section 9’s blanket and broad exemptions, but not without backlash from those who helped pass the law; no more bigoted laws on the books.
    – Link to article: The Big Lie The Media Tells About Indiana’s New ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

  • News – Story 2: Arizona State senator suggests law making church attendance mandatory for everyone
  • – This state senator is Sylvia Allen and she feels that forcing people to attend church will force religion back into people’s lives, making life better for everyone else; blaming the moral decay on the lack of religion is a weak argument; most highly religious people believe that morality and religion are tied together; tell that to any child that was molested by a Catholic priest; this Senator Allen is hoping that forcing people to attend a church of their choice will bring about a moral rebirth; being moral doesn’t require going to church; it’s a human trait, regardless of any or no religious belief; often atheists are blamed for not having morals, which is absurd; hopefully, this bill was not passed; church and state separation much? not for Senator Allen; meanwhile, let me get back to being my non-beleiving moral self.
    – Link to article: Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen Suggests Law Making Church Attendance Mandatory for Everyone

  • News – Story 3: Diet soda may lead to more belly fat
  • – daily and occasional diet soda consumption gained 3 times as much belly fat as non drinkers, ruling out age, exercise and smoking factors; I know of many people that drink a lot of diet soda each day that think its zero calorie contents don’t add anything to their body or weight; such a study, which was conducted by the Dept of Medicine at University of Texas, and was done over a 10 year peiod of time, proves there can be detrimental results from regular soda consumption; a fifth of the US population drinks some sort of diet soda on a regular basis; calories alone are not the key factor, as this study has shown; I never drink diet soda and rarely drink any soda, mostly due to my kidney stone scare many years back; iced tea, coffee and water are what I mostly consume, for non-alcoholic drinks; and when I do mix with booze, it’s usually Sprite or tonic water; of course the soda industry say not to worry and take these study results with caution; the only caution should be consuming regular quantities of diet soda.
    – Link to article: Diet soda may lead to more belly fat

  • RANT: A history of discrimination
  • – my thoughts on the US and it’s history of codifying discrimination; listen to the podcast to hear details.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: This LEGO Back To The Future recreation is brick by brick perfect
  • – recreating the scene at the end of the first movie when Marty gets sent back to 1985 is so very cool; you have to watch his multiple times to see all of the detail this guy put into the stop motion action; the faces, the stalled DeLorean, Doc sliding down the cable at the last minute; the entire climactic ending to a great movie is something that any Bttf fan can enjoy; the camera angles are all done well; this is one that you should save and watch over and over; as a big BTTF fan, I know I plan to.

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