As promised, this is my first update for 2013.


  • Eat Right
  • – I have been doing an ok job at trying to eat better, eating less treats. Although, as I told my wife, until Easter passes, the candy that gets consumed is a bit much. Good thing the end of this month, I can refocus until Halloween. As of this last Friday – Feb 28th – I am down 2.5 lbs to 173.5 lbs. Progress, even as small as it is, is something to mention here.

    – To help further this along, and to add a benefit for my wife, I am making healthy meals for dinner three nights a week. We don’t eat out that often, but at the same time, dinner sometimes consists of something not all that balanced, even when we make it at home. Coming up with meal plans 3 nights a week will help in the process of being healthier and reducing my weight.

  • Daily Exercise
  • – I worked out 18 of the 28 days in February, which consisted of 30 mins on the treadmill at a setting of 4 (which is pretty much 4 mph). I’ve not been back to the gym since the first week of January, but that will change here this week. I can tell you that it’s really hard to make this happen during the colder days. A nice warm bed feels good on those mornings.

Video Podcast

  • From The Jigger
  • – Most of February is research for what things are I still need to film the podcast episodes. Like wireless microphones, which can get quite expensive, but for now, I am looking to only spend $200 at first, upgrading to something nicer once I get the format down and at least 12 episodes in. Initial ideas for scripts for the first 3 episodes are complete.

Writing Fiction Novels

  • Three Book Series
  • – Progress on Heaven Forrest is moving slowly, but moving. We are now making more tweaks to the characters and their place in the overall story. Hollow Mountain has the first 2500 words complete with a good 70%
    character development, taking care to ensure any remaining characters for book 3 are properly outlined in the story.

Short Month

February was a short month and such as, not as much progress made as I wanted to. Pushing myself to make March a solid month of accomplishments. Can’t wait to update in a month.