I think my eyesight is giving me issues. It’s been at least five years since I went to the eye doctor and it’s time I went back. My biggest fear is that I’m sure I will need glasses or contacts or something.

It’s getting harder to read things up close. Like text on my phone, I need to take the phone and pull it away so I can read the text without it getting all blurry. It’s called farsightedness or hyperopia.

But it’s not just up close blurry that I experience when I read. I also have issues reading white text on a black background. After just a few seconds of reading, my eyes get all weird, then I have to look away and everything I see it white lines. Now given some years ago, I wouldn’t mind seeing white lines, but these days, I would like to stay focused without having my eyes adjusting like they just got flashbulbed hundreds of times in a row.

There are some blogs that I read and come across that are like this. Some I really like reading, like Sybil Law. Here’s a quick screen shot from her latest blog post:

white text black

Even just a few seconds of viewing that, my eyes are going all wonky.

My solution that I use for her blog posts is to either read it in my feed reader or select all of the text and copy it to a Word document, read the post, then click to post a comment, which the comment page is black text on a white background.

It’s no trouble, but the next time Sybil decides to change her blog template, I’m hoping a lighter colored background will be an option. [hint hint, nudge nudge]

And maybe at the same time, she’ll make her URL shorter. *snark* [Love ya, Sybil.]

Or maybe I can make all things easier by simply going to get my eyes checked out. Then I can read small text on my phone and white text/black background blogs without too much effort on anyone’s part.