macbook pro unibody

My MacBook Pro 15-inch unibody that I got in September 2009 is off to get fixed. Not much wrong with it. Just an ethernet port that stopped working. So it’s getting an entire logic board replacement. The Genius bar employee told me to allow up to seven days, but told me that the average lately has been three days.

I hope so, because it’s only been two hours since I dropped it off and I miss it already. Not that I’m without a Mac to use. My original MacBook Pro 15-inch that I gave to my wife when I got my new MacBook Pro is what I’ll be using in the meantime. It only has a fraction of my data on it as I cleaned most of it off before handing it over to my wife.

I did a backup of my data to an external hard drive, so I do have it available to me, but it’s still not the same.

Amazing how reliable I have become on my laptop for just about every part of my computing needs.

I’ll still find time to blog and do my personal work. But I will be missing my Mac, even if it’s not gone for that long.